Top 8 Tech Halloween Costumes for 2015

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Top 8 tech halloween costumes for 2015 by Eureka Software

Top 8 Tech Halloween Costumes for 2015
as chosen by the Eureka Software Team.

Downtown Austin TX is known for crazy, unique, spooky and strange Halloween costumes and the opportunity to see a variety of Tech Halloween Costumes is very high.  Here is our list of Top Hi-Tech Halloween Costumes you may see on October 31st, 2015.

LED Halloween Costumes

#8 Glowy Zoey

top halloween tech costumes 2015 glowy zoey

Glowy Zoey is an LED costume business started by Royce Hutain after he made a stickman LED suit for his 2 year old daughter.  Royce captured a short video of his daughter enjoying her LED costume, and the clip went viral.  Fast forward to 2015 and is now your LED stick figure costume go to store (now offering full line of adult size costumes).

#7 LED-Lit Tron Costume

LED-lit Tron suite LED halloween 2015

The usual winner of an office Halloween Costume Contest is homemade. There are many versions for Halloween costumes based on the movie “Tron” over the years.   Here is a link to a 13 step instructional document so you can make your own Tron Suit. With these instructions, and hard work – you have a good chance of walking away with the trophy for best costume.

Movie or Video Game Inspired Tech Halloween Costume

#6 Transformers BumbleBee

There are hundreds of posts and DIY tutorials on how to make your very own Bumblebee Transformer costume.  The website  has many versions uploaded by users to choose from.  There is one youtube video that we have chosen as our favorite BumbleBee Costume created by Robot Costumes USA.

#5 Star Wars Lightsaber

ultra sabers light sabers halloween 2015 Eureka Sofware

I know, I know – Lightsabers aren’t real. However,  Ultra Sabers is a company that custom builds, and produces actual combat FX lightsabers.  You can choose from predesigned sabers or submit to have your own custom lightsaber built.  Go check out their website and choose your weapon of choice.  Which is your favorite lightsaber?

Check out their NEWEST Ultrasaber – The Renegade! Ships in 1-2 business days.  This one looks to be based on the new movie trailer for “The Force Awakens“.

#4 Ghostbusters Proton Pack

tomas galvin proton pack halloween 2015

Ghostbusters is a classic sci fi movie with plenty of high-tech gadgets and scientific surprises.  The Ghostbuster costume has been a staple the last 20+ years, and will most likely continue with the new re-boot Ghostbuster movie (set to be released in 2016).  Want to stand out among your ghost hunting team?  Try this high tech Proton Pack on for size!  This video series with instructions will take you step-by-step on how to make your very own Proton Pack on the cheap side.

#3 Halo – Master Chief

masterchiefhalo3 halloween costume 2015

Are you into DIY, but you don’t want to invest the time?  Are you an ultimate Master Chief and Halo fan?  One of Eureka’s own team members is currently watching this item on ebay for a HALO 3 Master Chief supreme collectors edition Costume with Full Armor Helmet.  Ready to win that costume contest?

#2 Thor’s Hammer

It is known throughout the Marvel universe that only Thor can lift his legendary hammer.  When going out for Halloween this year, do you want party goers taking off with your hammer?  I think not.  So that is exactly what Allen Pan, an engineer set out to do.  Allen Pan, successfully created his very own Thor’s hammer that is only able to be picked up by him by using a combination of a fingerprint scanner and powerful electromagnets.  Read the story written by Michelle Star on CNET.

Our Top #1 Pick

Drum roll please… Eureka’s top pick for a technology driven Halloween Costume for 2015 is for non other than the creators of Morphsuits.

#1 Digital Dudz

morphsuits halloween 2015 Eureka Software

The real story starts in 2009 with the Morph Suits team created the first Morphsuits website selling 6 color options of Morphsuits after having a “eureka moment”.  Fast forward to 2013 when this team work with Nasa scientist, Mark Rober, to create amazing tech costumes focused on using smartphone devices.  In the same year, Digital Dudz and Morphsuits merged into the now technical costume power house.  2015 – Digital Dudz hi-tech costumes are now viral. Their current youtube video “24 Easy Hi-Tech Costumes” already surpassed the 1.5 million view mark.

Their line of costumes and T-shirts work with a free downloadable mobile app that integrates directly into the item.  Volia!  Your own Hi-Tech Halloween costume.

Happy Halloween from Eureka!  Leave us a comment, share with your social network and let us know if you are interested in receiving “Tech” content straight to your inbox.

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