National Instruments Corp. v. Kuka Roboter GMBH

Cause No: 1-GN-15-004170
Jurisdiction: District Court of the 53rd Judicial District, Travis County, Texas
Description: Consulting and testifying expert for Defendant in case involving trade secret misappropriation related to robotic hardware and software.
Years: 2016

Empirical Foods, Inc. v. Primus Builders, Inc. v. SwissLog Logistics, Inc.

Cause No: 8:19-CV-00457
Jurisdiction: United State District Court for the District of Nebraska
Description: Consulting and testifying expert in case involving contract performance and breach of contract related to meat packing plant warehousing and freezer automation software systems.
Years: 2020

Daedalus Blue LLC v. SZ DJI Technology Co., Ltd. and DJI Europe B.V..

Cause No: C:20-CV-00073
Jurisdiction: United States District Court, Western District of Texas, Waco Division
Description: Consulting and testifying expert in patent infringement case involving automated drone/UAV technology and software for navigation and obstacle avoidance.
Years: 2021