Artec Group, Inc. v. Andrey Klimov

Cause No: 15-CV-03449-RMW
Jurisdiction: US District Court for the Northern District of California, San Jose Division
Description: Consulting and testifying expert for Plaintiff in case involving alleged trade secret misappropriation related to facial recognition software and scanners.
Years: 2016

AudioEye, Inc. v. accessiBe Ltd.

Cause No: 6:20-cv-997-ADA
Jurisdiction: United States District Court, Western District of Texas, Waco Division
Description: Consulting and testifying expert in patent infringement case involving technology for improving accessibility in websites and software.
Years: 2021

Charles Moon and AISoft, Inc. vs. Infoglide Corporation.

Cause No: D-1-GN-07-000747
Jurisdiction: 353rd Judicial District Court of the State of Texas, Travis County
Description: Consulting and testifying expert on state court case involving retention of trade secrets and other intellectual property rights by key employees and forensic and comparative determination of whether such employees brought the trade secrets and intellectual property to their subsequent employer.
Years: 2007 2008