It seems like half of all websites have a pic of a person with a headset, and we didn’t want to feel left out with our site redesign, so here’s the cheapest stock art “headset” photo I could find. Now we are complete.

Actually, like most software, this new site will probably never be complete. We already have a large backlog of changes and fixes, but sometimes you need to know when to ship, and shipping is what we do. We are sad to see the circa 2005 old website go, but this new design is much more ‘us’. It’s still cool to have an “under construction” sign though, right?

The “headset” photo for us became an inside joke for all the unoriginal things going on in the software business. We do things a little bit different here I guess. And no, you won’t talk to a model like this one when you call us. You’ll be talking to the designers and developers working on your project from the start.

Update! We actually ran into a reasonably-sized company that actually used this exact photo on their site. It was awkward.