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Mobile / Wireless

Mobile and wireless technology is drives a large portion of leading edge innovation in today’s world. This innovation is accompanied technology patent conflicts shaped by the rapidly evolving mobile landscape.

  • We have worked with many of the best-known mobile technology/wireless companies as they sort through legal issues as a result of rapid innovation.
  • We have a strong technical familiarity with the complex and rapidly changing infrastructure, operating systems, and devices.

Cloud / Web

Many businesses’ primary existence and assets are entirely virtual and stored remotely on another business’s servers and infrastructure. Predictably, this shift has spawned a new set of technical and legal relationships and issues that are now frequently ending up in complex litigation, requiring the services of a computer expert witness.

  • We provide invaluable insight and understanding of the technical relationships and issues as custom software/web/cloud developers and engineers.
  • We adeptly translate to the legal realm to assist our clients, their counsel and the courts to understand this highly fluid area of cloud, IT, Web, Internet, and e-commerce technologies and the law.

Electronics / Hardware / Infrastructure

Computer hardware and infrastructure is a wide-ranging field that spans from the most basic realm of desktop computing to massive mainframes to the myriad of microprocessors that exist in almost every industry. Such technologies are constantly changing and involve the relationship between legacy, current and development/leading edge versions.

  • We have experience with virtually all generations of hardware and infrastructure relevant to today’s computer and software litigation, having been active participants in the software and computer industry since 1986.
  • We have readily worked with and analyzed large mainframe technologies dating back to the 50’s and 60’s, along with today’s distributed server farms and mobile computing technologies, both as part of our role as a computer expert witness and a software expert witness.

Why Choose Our Services

Eureka offers software expert witness services and litigation support utilizing the knowledge, experience and resources of its ongoing software development and consulting business. With three decades of hands-on experience in the computer, software and technology industries, Eureka provides an unparalleled understanding of nearly every facet and factor involved in a complex software or computer related litigation scenario.

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