The right team changes everything

In the custom software business, we are that team

We’re an Austin TX team of creatives, technologists, and engineers that thrives on building innovative digital experiences. Our clients range from well-funded startups to established enterprises – all hungry for fresh perspective, technical innovation, and rapid execution.


Executive Guide

How to Ensure the Product You Develop Today Will Still be Relevant in the Future

Learn about the four principles of software development that lead to product viability for years to come.


100% onshore expertise that saves time.

Some companies try to gain an economic advantage by hiring offshore developers. What they don’t factor in is the time and money wasted by language and geographic barriers, IP security issues, poor management, and unnecessary reworks.

Our highly-experienced, 100% US-based team provides faster turnaround, higher quality, easier collaboration, better IP security, and greater efficiency, saving our clients time.


Done once. Done right.

Custom software development that’s done fast and cheap is never done right. Whatever money might be initially saved rolling out an application in record time is quickly lost in time-consuming, expensive reworks.

At Eureka, we believe in doing the job right the first time. We dig a little deeper, ask more questions, and work a little harder to ensure our clients are getting the best possible product for their customers. One designed to quickly build brand value and scale up easily without costly reworks.


Custom software development that’s efficient, cost-effective – and agile.

We believe products should be just as agile as the companies that produce them. That’s why we’ve taken the Agile business model and applied it to custom software development. We’ll design your software to be easily modified to meet rapidly-changing customer trends, market demands, and anything else that can influence its use and sales. Keeping up with today’s needs is so yesterday. We’re looking beyond tomorrow.

Yes, we do that.

Let’s Build Something Great