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6 Things That Drive Word of Mouth

Jonah Berger’s SXSW Interactive session “What Drives Word of Mouth” was nothing short of amazing. He’s the author of the best-selling book Contagious: Why Things Catch On as well as a scientist and professor at Wharton – one of the top MBA [...]

4 Restaurants Austin Locals Love

Whether you’re in Austin for SXSW or you’re just in town for a visit, navigating the local food scene can be quite the adventure! Before you embark on your tasty journey through town, here are four places that Austinites love: If you’re a [...]

Scaling Your Team With API Maturity

So your once-small Scrum team that was knocking out releases like clockwork has begun growing, and now it feels like it’s about to break under its own success. Your sprint planning meetings have become marathons, and stories aren’t getting [...]

HTML5 Rocks… for the Most Part

It has only taken about 20 years, but HTML development is starting to not be completely hair-pulling frustrating. It’s good to see clients finally dropping the “must support IE 8” requirement and forging ahead with modern [...]

Flatstock 2013

Flatstock is a collection of screen-printers from around the country selling posters, t-shirts, and various handicrafts. It can easily be missed amongst the chaos of SXSW, but is a must for anyone interested in design, art, or great looking [...]

Design of the Times

Design has always been a fantastic barometer of the Zeitgeist. When we see a book made during the Renaissance era, a poster made during Communism, or wallpaper made during the Arts and Crafts movement, we automatically get a feel for what [...]

Bootstrapping Agile Development

If you’ve ever sat down in the first meeting with a product owner at the beginning of a new-from-the-ground-up Scrum-managed project and said “Ok, let’s create the stories!” you’ve probably seen it go one of two ways: The product owner has [...]

Scale Right From the Beginning

We build really big software. Big as in 100,000-people-participating-in-the-same-web-conference big or alert-an-entire-state-about-severe-weather big. But few software systems start out that big. Twitter and Netflix had big ideas for sure, [...]

Applying Lean Development (and SEO)

We tackle the hard software problems. Every day Eureka works on products that have to scale to support millions of users and need to mask complex interaction behind elegant user interfaces. So how do we tackle something equally complex, [...]

Eureka’s First Post!

It seems like half of all websites have a pic of a person with a headset, and we didn’t want to feel left out with our site redesign, so here’s the cheapest stock art “headset” photo I could find. Now we are complete.