Which Programming Language Are You?

Programming trends, like most trends in technology, are difficult to follow and even harder to predict. There are literally thousands of programming languages, many of which are never used except by a handful of programmers. It’s even possible to become proficient in programming by knowing only a few languages.

Each programming language functions by a different set of rules and syntax. Languages like Java, Python, Perl, Visual Basic and Lisp are each unique with a “personality” of its own. Like the languages themselves, programmers are just as diverse and unique. Regardless of what you consider to be the best, or easiest to use, it might surprise you to know which language actually matches your personality.

To help determine what programming language you “are,” we’ve created a quiz. Take the quiz, feel free to spread the word by sharing with friends and coworkers, and no matter the outcome, don’t take it too personally. 😉

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