Eureka Software Celebrating 30 Years of Custom Software Excellence

Eureka Software is celebrating its 30-year anniversary as an industry leader in the design and development of custom software products and solutions.

Austin, TX (PRWEB) [February 24, 2016]:  Since 1986, Eureka has successfully completed over 2,000 projects in software product strategy and design, mobile, web, enterprise software development, business process automation, software as a service and cloud infrastructure. Eureka has worked with and for members of the Global 1000, the Fortune 500, notable private companies, and industry leading start-ups through its consulting, product development, and litigation/expert witness practices.

“In the early days, our customers simply wanted software that worked” said Rodney Muras, VP of Solutions and Services at Eureka Software. “Fast forward to today and there is this incredible rise in the importance of design thinking – customers are expecting much more out of their solutions. They want to move faster and with more agility, and more than ever, they want an immersive and comprehensive project experience. That combination is creating a very exciting set of opportunities for us.”

In recent years, Eureka has also established itself as a leading expert in critical intellectual property, project performance, and related concerns.  “Eureka’s truly unique background allows us to add tremendous value for our clients in both avoiding IP and project-related challenges as well as helping them to resolve issues when they arise.” Eureka’s CEO, Monty Myers went on to say, “Regrettably, litigation is a significant component of doing business today – Eureka has the proven experience and capabilities to guide our clients through these challenges when they arise.”

In it’s 30 years, Eureka has achieved many successes but is perhaps proudest of its dedicated and stable workforce, touting engineering and management tenure upwards of 15-20 years in many cases – a rarity in the technology and software industry. Eureka’s celebrated client list includes work for firms such as Samsung, Apple, Dell, IBM, Google, Dropbox, Pinterest, Twitter, American Airlines, ATT, Sprint, 2Wire, Siemens, 3M, Reuters, Jefferies, Progressive Insurance, Chevron, British Petroleum, Baron Weather, GNS Healthcare, Jones Day, Alston & Bird, and many others.

About Eureka Software: Eureka Software is changing the way companies approach software projects.  By combining design thinking with deep technical and operational expertise, Eureka’s highly iterative and collaborative development process helps bring better software products to market faster.  Learn more at or we’d love to visit in person at our Austin, Texas innovation center.