Eureka Software Continues to Top the Chart as a Leading Texas Software and App Development Company

This May, Clutch, a platform focused on providing research, reviews, and ratings of B2B service providers, updated their complete coverage of the Texas app development landscape. Earlier this year we snagged the #1 spot in their Austin app development category and are excited to be featured in the newly refreshed Texas category.

Our capabilities and clients extend well outside of Austin. In addition to #1 in Austin, you can find Eureka Software in a leading spot Texas wide. Our team has been featured on Clutch for a long time and by far one of the most unique distinctions about their platform is the detailed client reviews they conduct for each of the companies featured in their Leaders Matrix.


As a vendor we approached the idea of handing over access to a few our clients with hesitation, but we’re happy we did! Clutch has now conducted full length interviews with 3 of our clients. The reviews have made a great addition to our portfolio and materials we’ve been able to put in front of prospective clients. We’ve always known that we have great clients but the below snapshots have really worked to reinforce the great things our clients think about us.

Be sure to read all of Eureka’s Reviews. Our evaluation and placement in Clutch’s coverage goes beyond client reviews and includes many additional criteria, to learn more about the factors that landed us in the top spots, check out Clutch and the other Texas categories.