Dynatel AMS965


3M selected Eureka Software as a trusted partner for numerous successful projects over multi-year periods.  Many of these cutting edge software projects that completed in the mid-2000’s are still in use today!

One such “cutting edge” project that Eureka led was the original 3M “Ideaboard”, one of the first interactive/connected whiteboards on the market. Eureka developed the automation software to allow presentation automation and controls on the whiteboard. Eureka also developed the PC integration structure that provided direct interaction between the user and the whiteboard, thereby allowing users to interface with the whiteboard and use it as a pointer to control the PC mouse.

The largest flagship project between Eureka and 3M resulted in the development and release of Dynatel AMS965. The Dynatel unit is a handheld data line / protocol analyzer that is used for installing and diagnosing high speed communication networks and triple-play infrastructures. Eureka led and developed the firmware and software architecture for this impressive project.

The combined teams went from ideation to working platform in UNDER SIX MONTHS!  This successful product is still in demand and being sold today.

Don’t take our word for it – here is a firsthand testimonial from 3M:

“In the summer of 2002, 3M Telephony Access Products Division needed a new electronics product, using advanced software architecture to make software development and maintenance much easier than our older products. Our products must work on multiple hardware platforms and work in over 15 countries and languages.

Eureka Software Solutions was chosen to develop our software architecture. 3M was very impressed with the amazing ability of Eureka to quickly understand our product, our processes and our requirements. Eureka developed an architecture that gave 3M a huge schedule boost, quickly introducing us to a new generation of toolsets, methodologies, and languages. Eureka’s grasp of our requirements and the possible solutions made for a quick success story.

I was also impressed with Eureka’s ability to quickly and efficiently transfer knowledge to the 3M engineers. Eureka physically moved over to work with the 3M engineers, ensuring a smooth transfer of knowledge.

After months of using Eureka’s Architecture, 3M found a perfect match between our requirements and Eureka’s design. Their solution works on multiple platforms, is very flexible and uses the newest in software technology.

We’re really excited about it (Eureka’s work). It’s really mind-boggling to think about how it simplifies the process.”

~Beau Chimene
3M Telephony Access Products Division



  •   Technical architecture
  •   Platform design
  •   Base system implementation
  •   UI design, implementation, optimization, development
  •   Communications protocol design and implementation
  •   Testing, refactoring of outsourced code.
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