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Eureka has a proven track record of developing innovative software and managing successful projects for prominent telecommunications software vendors. These multi-year initiatives resulted in the development of a wide range of software exclusively for AT&T integration and support.

Eureka’s first software development project for AT&T was with Broad Jump—an Austin-based company that provided installation software for DSL, cable and wireless service providers. BroadJump ran a SaaS platform called “Virtual Truck” that was used extensively by AT&T to provision, configure and diagnose issues related to telephone and data services. For this flagship project, Eureka built a data warehouse and reporting tools used by AT&T to support customer service and billing functions for the installation and repair of telecom services. The Eureka team also developed software that would connect AT&T to the data within BroadJump’s Virtual Truck systems. After the success of this project, BroadJump was subsequently purchased by Motive.

After acquiring BroadJump, Motive continued a software development relationship with Eureka for many years. A significant number of the resulting software projects with Motive were exclusively for AT&T. Eureka spearheaded UI design and development of core software infrastructure inside numerous CPE (consumer premise equipment) devices (modems and routers) that handled provisioning, authenticating and managing AT&T’s digital subscriber services. Eureka was pivotal in the system development that controls millions of modems and routers connected to AT&T’s residential data service network.

Motive also enlisted Eureka to design the core user experience for ISAAC—a product that managed workflow and automated diagnostics for AT&T’s U-Verse customer care centers.  ISAAC enabled call centers to manage hundreds of customer care representatives by allowing management to design scripts, monitor performance, and report on service call/ticket engagements. Eureka continued development for CPE devices and numerous other products even following Motive’s acquisition by 2Wire.

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