Texas Leads the U.S. in Technology Exports

Texas exported the most technology goods in 2012, surpassing California, according a report released by the TechAmerica Foundation. Texas technology exports also supported 331,000 jobs, the most out of any state in the U.S.

Top Five States by Tech Exports, 2012

  1. Texas: $45.1 billion
  2. California: $44.8 billion
  3. Florida: $14.5 billion
  4. Massachusetts: $7.3 billion
  5. New York: $6.6 billion

Top Five States With Tech Trade Supported Employment, 2012

  1. Texas: 331,000 jobs
  2. California: 328,300 jobs
  3. Florida: 106,100 jobs
  4. Massachusetts: 53,600 jobs
  5. New York: 48,600 jobs

Additionally, the study reported that Texas leads tech exports in semiconductors and communications equipment.

“This report places Texas at the forefront of technology exports and highlights the encouraging and important role technology exports will continue to have in America’s future economic prosperity,” said Congressman Joaquin Castro (D-San Antonio).

In 2012, Tech exports represented 13.2% of all exported goods in the U.S. economy and was the second largest export sector, after transportation.

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