We’ve Launched our Software Expert Witness And Litigation Support Services Page!

Software expert witness

Did you know that Eureka offers software expert witness and litigation support services? Over the weekend we launched a new page showcasing our experience and accomplishments in this area. The site has been a few months in the making, and we are excited to finally share our work in this space with the world.

Take a look around the new site to learn more about what we do for our clients: http://www.eurekasoft.com/expert-witness/

About Our Software Expert Witness and Litigation Support Services

Eureka Software has been in the custom software development and consulting business for three decades, so we have worked with virtually all generations of hardware and infrastructure as well as most programming and coding languages. We apply our knowledge, experience, and resources into various software and computer related litigation scenarios. Over the years, we have worked on behalf of both plaintiffs and defendants, as testifying experts as well as consultants, in a variety of industries.

Our team is led by Monty G. Myers, a veteran software industry executive and testifying software expert witness with over 30 years of hands on experience architecting, developing, managing and leading software technology projects. He is also the founder Eureka Software and has served as CEO since 1986.

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At Eureka Software, our team of software engineers, analysts, and consultants has experience in a wide-variety of industries including travel, oil and gas, finance, broadcasting, publishing, and legal. Our founder, Monty G. Myers, is a veteran software industry executive and testifying software expert witness with over 30 years of hands-on experience architecting, developing, managing, and leading software technology projects. Mr. Myers has the software and litigation experience necessary to effectively advocate for your client. For more information, please contact our office today by calling 866-936-9292 or visit our webpage here to use the convenient and easy contact form.