Bringing The Cloud to Broadway

What started out as a request to build a digital download page turned into an industry-leading media distribution platform in the cloud with global reach.

Music Theatre International (MTI) MTI is one of the world’s leading theatrical licensing agencies, granting theatres from around the world the rights to perform musicals from Broadway and beyond. Founded in 1952, MTI works directly with the composers, lyricists and writers to provide official scripts, musical materials and theatrical resources to over 70,000 professional, community and school theatres and in over 60 countries worldwide.

At the start of the project MTI needed a way to create an innovative platform that would allow them to stop production of media CDs and instantly allow their users to download materials instead.

After conducting extensive user research, Eureka designed and engineered a state-of-the-art smart UI, API, custom e-commerce AWS cloud solution that also allowed MTI to maintain 100% control over their licensing and intellectual property. Approaching the solution this way and scaling in the cloud has allowed MTI to save both time and money as a result.

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