More Services Companies Are Leaving Paper in The Past

For many services companies paperwork is a necessary evil. It’s expensive, time consuming, and highly error prone. One such company set out to solve this problem and in their search found Eureka.

Kahoe is a 50-year-old commercial testing, balancing, and commissioning company for the heating, ventilation and air conditioning industry with a global base of clients. One of the major pain points at Kahoe was their use and transcription of paper forms and documents. With more than 30+ required to conduct business daily the paper forms were prone to error and the transcription process was extremely time consuming for their administrators.

Our objective from the outset was clear; we needed to understand the business at a granular level and at the same time create a platform that eliminated the need for paper documents. We went straight to the cloud. Combining material design elements with an Angular framework that leveraged Amazon Web Services for scale and storage, Kahoe’s field technicians now leverage Surface Pro tablets that eliminated the need for paper documents as well as drastically reduced errors.

By taking the project from design, to build, to implementation, Kahoe was able to ensure a seamless transition from paper and clipboards to tablets and software. For more information or to get started on your next project please contact us at