Reimagining a $17 Billion Industry

Einstein Moving, an Austin startup, approached Eureka to help solve some of the toughest problems and inefficiencies in the moving industry, specifically the need for paper documentation. What resulted from our work with Einstein was a complete reimagining of their technology infrastructure that has saved the organization both time and money. This has allowed them to grow from two locations to a projected six by end of the year.

“As a result of our exploratory research, not only was Eureka able to eliminate paper from the equation we also engineered a complete logistics platform. From estimating jobs, to managing mover and employee availability, all accessible from an iPad, Einstein has become more empowered and productive. In addition, we were also able to add an in-app communications generator that has prepopulated corresponding updates to help their customers understand each phase of their move which saves substantial time and money.”  – Daniel Taylor, Lead Engineer

Eureka took planning, design, engineering, implementation and execution to a new level creating a first of its kind hybrid application for the moving industry. Combining elements of material design, field needs, Cordova and Angular, Einstein is now leading the technical revolution in the moving industry.

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