Perfecting the UI/UX for Utilitarian Applications

Creating a new product is a combination of vision, UI/UX and technical execution. But what separates “run-of-the-mill” from industry-leading? We believe it’s a smart user experience that speaks to the people that use it.

When YAKMAT (Jones Companies) approached Eureka, they needed a company to dream up technology that not only seamlessly integrated with their existing infrastructure, but also provided a beautiful UI/UX for yard operators to do their job.

What followed was an aggressive exploration and design phase that allowed key findings to emerge and guide critical UI/UX choices and ultimately a mobile interface that allowed their yard operators to manage, grade, count and ship materials all over North America.

“Because yard operators are usually outside and have a great deal of responsibility, we determined the product needed to be utilitarian and highly functional, but with great attention to ease of use.”   – Hersh Amin, Lead Engineer

In addition, the ethnographic research yielded actionable data about our users who are primarily male and wear gloves on the job, so we were able to address this observation in the User Interface.

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