To demonstrate the power of its Velocity Weather engine, Baron Services asked Eureka to build a new mobile application platform. We created customizable white-label iOS and Android native applications that enabled Baron’s customers to release their own mobile experiences.

The project posed a unique challenge of building a mobile app optimized for both the end users and weather service providers. For consumers, Eureka built a detailed, data-rich user experience- including a severe warning system notifying users of dangerous conditions in a particular area.

To make the mobile application a valuable revenue opportunity, Eureka built a modular application system that allows the app to be configured based on that particular customer’s needs. A detailed API authorization and security system gives the data providers control over access to the data to prevent unlicensed use. Eureka’s mobile platform also gives customers full access to all products available through simple configuration.

Available now in select markets for iOS and Android devices.


  •   Mobile Development
  •   Custom Software Development
  •   Mentoring
  •   Active applications: 4 (iOS)
  •   Applications in developments: 17 (iOS, Android, and Web)
  •   Active subscribers: in excess of 100,000
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