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The State of Texas chose Eureka Software as part of a strategic team to build and design an integrated website that would manage and integrate data from all local and state government agencies into a consolidated online portal. Eureka Software played a key role in the assembled team of expert software/UI design companies to design, build and launch TexasOnline – the official website of the State of Texas.


Eureka’s pivotal role in the project was to design, code and implement the website infrastructure. This task was particularly impressive, given the infrastructure requirements of CONNECTING WEB CONTENT FROM 80+ DISPARATE AGENCIES across the state. The combined team consisted of Eureka Software, KPMG (Bearing Point) and Frog Design.

Eureka was chosen as the vendor to design and build an XML-based content taxonomy that would allow the site managers, KPMG (Bearing Point), to index, organize and rapidly publish additions and updates within the new web portal. Additionally, Eureka led efforts to build the consolidated search indexes that transformed into the first comprehensive, government agency wide, online web search tool for the State of Texas.

Eureka’s heroic efforts in this project enabled the combined team to take TexasOnline from concept to launch in under THREE MONTHS! The Center for Digital Government recognized the project with the prestigious Technology Integrator Award.

“IT partnerships between state and local government and the private sector are vital for advancements in digital government. As such, we are thrilled to acknowledge these companies for the stellar work they’ve done to improve technology in order for government to better serve its citizens.” – Cathilea Robinett, Executive Vice President of the Center for Digital Government.



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  • Design
  • Project Partnering
  • Custom Software Development
  • Consolidated Search Indexes
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