Historically known for developing equipment found in every electrical engineering shop in the world, Tektronix found themselves struggling to deliver the same level of excellence in user-interface as their advanced hardware products. They needed to transform product development from engineering-centric to customer driven.

The team at Eureka jumped right into the deep end. By applying their low-level knowledge of hardware, they began to understand Tektronix’ highly specialized industry, and solved the most complex portion of the user interface first. By alleviating a primary pain point of the Tektronix developers, Eureka demonstrated the detail-oriented practices necessary to build a world-class user interface.

To thoroughly ensure the success of the design, Eureka brought several of the Tektronix engineers on-site to work closely together and transfer development knowledge organically. By mentoring the team, Eureka worked as a true partner of Tektronix.



  •   Mentoring
  •   Design
  •   Architecture
  •   Custom software developmen

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