Eureka Software’s Partnership with Music Theatre International – A Success Story

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Being a service provider entails understanding the preferences of your clients. In order to deliver exceptional software solutions, it’s important to listen to the opinions of your partners. As such, we’re grateful to all of our clients who left their positive feedback about our services through Clutch, which is a B2B ratings and reviews platform. Every review requires an in-depth phone screen directly between the client and a Clutch analyst, making them authentic and unbiased.

Our newest 5-star review comes from Musical Theatre International. The review talks about our ongoing partnership with them and what we’ve achieved together since 2015.


MTI engaged with us to execute an overhaul of their proprietary software, RehearScore. To kick off the project, we discussed the specific features they wanted to add. The client handed us the details of the ideal product. From there, we proceeded with the development. After many iterations, we successfully delivered the revamped version of their original software.

“I appreciate Eureka Software’s feedback process. They listen to our needs, digest them, and come back to us with specific questions that show they’ve spent time researching our project. I consider them a partner, not just a third-party vendor who completes tasks for us.”
— John Prignano, COO, Music Theatre International

Currently, we provide MTI with maintenance and upgrade solutions to keep the product in top performance.

Thanks to John for sharing his team’s feedback about our partnership. Be sure to read the full review on our Clutch profile for a detailed understanding of our partnership process.

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