Software Patent Infringment

Software Expert Witness and Litigation Support Services

We understand both the technical and legal aspects of software patent infringement and the patent litigation process. Additionally, we are experienced in the review and comparison of software code, functionality and the hardware it resides on, against and in relation to patent claims and requirements to assist in determining infringement or non-infringement.

Select Software Patent Infringement Cases

  • We are skilled at recreating past software and hardware environments.
  • We review and compare software code and functionality in relation to contractual commitments and requirements and/or protected intellectual property.
  • We provide a substantially increased value to either the patent holder or the accused infringer when involved as a software expert witness early in the prior art and/or patent reexamination process.

Evolutionary Intelligence, LLC v. Apple, Inc.

Cause No.: 6:12-cv-783 (MHS)

Jurisdiction: US District Court for the Eastern District of Texas, Tyler Division

Description: Consulting and testifying expert for the Defendant in software patent infringement case in Texas federal court. (2013)

Intellectual Ventures I LLC v. Symantec Corp.

Cause No.: 13-cv-440-LPS

Jurisdiction: US District Court for District of Delaware

Description: Consulting and testifying expert in software patent infringement case in Delaware Federal Court. (2013)

DDB Technologies LLC v. Yahoo! Inc.

Cause No.: 1:10-cv-00273-JRN

Jurisdiction: US District Court for the Western District of Texas, Austin Division

Description: Consulting and testifying expert for Defendants in Federal Court case involving alleged infringement of involving live sporting event broadcasting technology. (2011)

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