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The Velocity Weather API is the result of a long-time collaboration between Eureka and Baron Services. Eureka’s knowledge of scalable web and cloud-based systems enabled Baron to enter a new market by providing a new weather data API. By leveraging Eureka’s high-end development and architecture talent, Baron was able to focus on their business.

Eureka built a highly distributed cloud computing system for collecting, processing, and visualizing meteorological data. Eureka chose the event-driven Twisted framework for Python to enable Baron’s intense scalability requirements. Eureka also built a sophisticated Amazon EC2 cloud infrastructure that lets Baron easily create new application clusters and quickly move them between datacenters. The resulting system scales nearly horizontally for cost-effective growth.

In addition, Eureka’s experience in API and cloud development led to a powerful fine-grained API security system, automated build and deployment processes, as well as an intuitive developer SDK.



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