Chuck Pukmel

Project Principal

Chuck is a Senior Project Manager with more than 20 years’ experience on software project teams prior to joining Eureka. Chuck developed an early interest in computers, starting basic programming in grade school. He also developed an early passion for arts, film, and music, and pursued higher education in those fields.

Chuck began his tech career at BBN Inc., whose early networking initiatives paved the way for the modern Internet as we know it, including establish the ARPANET, the first wide-area packet-switched network with distributed control and one of the first networks to implement the TCP/IP protocol suite. Since then, he’s worked on software projects in numerous roles, supporting everything from government procurement to private sector ecommerce initiatives. At the same time, Chuck continued to pursue his creative passions as a musician and recording/mixing engineer. He’s proudly contributed to everything from local band recordings to a unique interactive experience for US athletes at the London 2012 Summer Olympics.

Chuck has active PMP (Project Management Professional) and Agile Scrum CSM (Certified Scrum Master) and CSPO (Certified Scrum Product Owner) certifications and is constantly working to learn new techniques to support projects more efficiently and solve problems creatively. Chuck is always trying to think from the customer view and loves the discovery and solution-building process most.

When not guiding projects to successful completion, Chuck can be found riding his bicycle across the beautiful Austin landscape, listening to jazz, playing guitar, and recording and editing music and videos.