Matthan Myers

Senior Software Engineer

A born-and-raised Austinite, Matthan was captivated by technology, and watched firsthand as it transformed the laid back town of his youth into a bustling business hub. While he grew up using computers of all shapes and sizes, it wasn’t until high school when he took his first programming course that he truly fell in love with the possibilities of software. Matthan graduated from Texas A&M University not long after with a degree in Computer Engineering in 2015.

Matthan joined the Eureka team full-time late Spring of 2018, having several years of experience working with the C#/ASP.NET MVC framework. He is the youngest member of the Eureka team, and brings with him energy, excitement, and a will to push the boundaries of what’s possible. When he’s not at the office, Matthan can usually be found either with his wife at a brewery, at the gym, gaming with buddies, or at a Bible study.