Mitchel Myers

Business Development

Mitchel has spent most of his life around computers and technology. From a young age, Mitchel engaged in computer science courses and immersed himself with a technological education. As he got older, Mitchel understood the enormous potential of computer science to change the world and wanted to be a part of that. He graduated from MIT in 2018 with a degree in computer science.However, despite a focus on computers for much of his early life, he was fascinated by the intersection of finance, business, and technology. He brought that passion to Wall Street where he worked for several years finding great investments in companies of all shapes and sizes. From there, Mitchel sought to return to his hometown of Austin, Texas to further pursue the intersection of business and technology. He joined Eureka in 2023 where he employs his broad skillset to impact several areas of the business. In his spare time, Mitchel enjoys running, fishing, and watching football.