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Eureka was enlisted in a collaborative effort, alongside Enspire Learning, to develop the infrastructure for delivering a dynamic educational course for Harvard University.  Enspire typically develops custom e-learning courses in Flash, however, this particular project had to be compatible across multiple platforms (desktops, tablets and mobile devices) while maintaining UX and visual consistency.

Eureka owned all e-course software development, allowing Enspire to focus on the educational content creation that the software would deliver. The software application required a structure that would maintain UI interaction consistency for current and future course materials. Eureka worked hand in hand with Enspire to streamline the organization of the course material and learning activity production to establish UI guidelines. These guidelines ensured that the e-learning program would deliver course information in a manner that was both familiar and useable to college-age audiences, as well as maintain compliance with government accessibility standards for learners with disabilities.


“Harvard Proof” is the result of the collaborative work between the Eureka team and Enspire. Harvard Proof is a required primary course for incoming freshmen and is conveniently available on a wide variety of devices and platforms. This e-learning course educates students on the realities of alcohol by using a combination of interactive segments and student-made videos to reinforce the content. The main objective of the course is to teach students how to make their own decisions and to be safe, no matter what. 

Eureka and Enspire Learning have a long standing and successful partnership.  The ‘Harvard Proof’ application is one of over 7 projects we’ve completed together in the last 3 years.



  •   Mobile Development
  •   Custom Software Development
  •   Accessibility Design and development
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