Rodney Muras

Vice President of Product Development and Engineering

For more than a 23 years, Rodney has provided strategic technological leadership to the Eureka Team. Rodney is also the go-to man for our clients. He is ultimately accountable for the quality of our work as well as the overall satisfaction of our clients.

A self-proclaimed “overnight expert,” Rodney refuses to let our Team be complacent and accept the status quo. Inspired by his optimism and willingness to get his hands dirty, Eureka instinctively answers “Yes!” and “Absolutely!” when asked to act. That answer is often followed by someone (usually Rodney) jumping to a whiteboard and hastily sketching a mish-mash of lines undoubtedly leading to clarity…Eureka!

Prior to joining our team, Rodney held positions with IBM working on OS/2, Warp Server, and DCE/RPC technologies. Rodney earned a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Southwest Texas State University. He minored in mathematics and business administration.

When Rodney isn’t pushing us forward, he is usually found pushing himself. Rodney and his wife Vicki have four children. Whether they are hiking to the top of a volcano, or braving the tranquility of a quiet restaurant – they are usually doing it together. And speaking of getting his hands dirty, Rodney can often be found hard at work renovating his family’s funky, copper-topped home….