Victor Mudimu

Principal Software Engineer

Towards the end of his high school career Victor was aiming to be a merchant banker as the career was dominated by travel which was something that he found appealing. As he was waiting for his A Level results and was getting ready to move to Ireland for college he decided to take up classes for the International Computers drivers licence. For the most part time was spent asking questions about what lies within the machine that caused the hour glass (Windows 95) to show up. When none of his tutors could answer he knew understanding the machine was something he wanted to be his career.

In his view the profession is not so much about programming as much as it is about delivering solutions that take up a massive footprint in our way of life from the way we work to the way we spend our downtime consuming entertainment. Most days in the present he spends time thinking about and experimenting with architectural concerns. The central theme of these adventures being how solutions work and fit together to deliver value as we move into an era of most businesses being software businesses by virtue of software being an enabler.