NCR Entertainment

NCR Entertainment and Blockbuster needed to get into the DVD kiosk rental market- and fast. They turned to Eureka for help.

The team collaborated with NCR and Blockbuster to build The site married kiosk technology with a complete online browsing and shopping experience. The technology was simple, highly scalable, and accelerated their business strategy.

On top of the primary focus of delivering fantastic overall experience, user interface design, and scalable web architectures, the project required an aggressive timeline. The Eureka team met the deadline and delivered a robust online site that successfully handled hundreds of thousands of transactions on a modest and cost-effective server backend. As added value, Eureka built in real-time inventory and online reservations- a first for the industry.

As a testament to the success of the project, The Blockbuster Express system went from a few test kiosks to over 10,000 locations nationally. The business was successful enough it was eventually sold to Redbox for an estimated $100 million.



  •   Design
  •   Information Architecture
  •   Custom Software
  •   Integration
  •   Deployment
  •   Load Testing
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